VM Plasmopara (Downy Mildew)

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VitiMeteo Plasmopara is a well-known model for downy mildew, developed by scientists from Agroscope (CH) and Staatliches Weinbauinstitut Freiburg (D).

VM Plasmopara simulates the biological processes of downy mildew as well as the growth of the grapes. Outputs are availabe on different detail levels for advisory services as well as for end users.


Available Documentaition:

pdf icon About VitiMeteo Plasmopara (General info, English)

pdf icon Hinweise zur Nutzung von VM Rebenperonospora4 (Deutsch)

pdf icon Présentation et utilisation de VitiMeteo-Plasmopara  (Français)

pdf icon Presentazione ed utilizzo di VitiMeteo-Plasmopara (Italiano)

Publications pdf icon Lutte contre le mildiou de la vigne avec le modèle VitiMeteo Plasmopara